Innovative lighting in poultry

Despite the fact that LEDs are used in more than fifty years the art, their use as lighting was possible only in the last decade. With the introduction of white LEDs with a light output comparable to fluorescent lamps, a new stage of development of lighting systems for agriculture.

Innovative lighting in poultry houses began to be used earlier than in other industries. The rapid introduction of LED lighting on poultry farms contributed to the specific requirements, mandatory for poultry breeding:. Smooth on / off light (function “sunrise / sunset”), high reliability, tightness, resistance to aggressive environments

have become the first LED lighting installed on poultry farms in 2009-2010 respectively. It took several years to farmers to check the quality and reliability of these systems, and experienced the benefits they receive by saving electricity, saving on maintenance and repair. The absence of stress in birds with a smooth switching of light increased the yield of the final product. Currently, LED lighting in poultry houses are actively displaces the fluorescent, and in the coming years to replace it completely.

The evolution of lighting systems for the poultry industry and their characteristics can be found in the table.  

Лампа Incandescent Compact fluorescent lamp Compact fluorescent lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lampLinear LEDлампа
Светоотдача 10-15лм/Вт Светоотдача 60-70лм/Вт Светоотдача 40-50лм/Вт Светоотдача 80-100лм/Вт Светоотдача 100-140lm / W
does not contain mercury, mercury-free mercury-free mercury-free Does not contain mercury
lifetime of 1,000 hours of service life of 6,000 hours of service life of 8,000 hours of service life of 20,000 hours service life of 80,000 hours
lamp Low price Low pricelamp average pricebulb Low price bulb Average lampprice
lampLow price high pricelamp Low pricelamp Very high price lamp lamp not required
Gooddimmed Poordimmed dimmed Good Gooddimmed Gooddimmed