Reliability and durability of LED lighting in the house

Operating conditions of lighting in livestock housing is very hard: high dust, corrosive environments, frequent cleaning with high-pressure devices. Therefore, when buying LED lamps is always a question of life and reliability.

The service life of the LEDs themselves are most dependent on the temperature of the phosphor. If the luminaire design provides high-quality heat dissipation, the LED can work more than 100,000 hours. Under the service life usually means a decrease in light output by 30% from the initial level. Further, poultry for most of the time used in the dimming lighting mode, which further increases the life cycle of the LED lighting system and can work without maintenance and repair of 15-20 years.

To provide optimum phosphor temperature 50C – 60C, it is necessary to use a small power LEDs distributed over a large area. These conditions are usually satisfied long linear lamps and compact fluorescent lamps are generally characterized by high heat.Svet-svetodiod

Low-power LEDs, and the large size of the linear lamp for long service life and high-impact polycarbonate and optical input wires through the gland sealed to protect the LEDs from mechanical influences and corrosive environment.

Use on poultry farms of compact LED lamps with E27 base is impractical. Their service life under favorable conditions (eg, at home at 25 ° C in an open luminaire) is typically less than 25,000 hours. The reason is the high density of LEDs and, as a result, the phosphor temperature 80 ° C-100 ° C.Lamp6

When using such lamps in a poultry thermal conditions deteriorate sharply, helped by two factors:

– Compulsory use of additional lower dome that protects the lamp from dust and moisture

– High temperature in the room during the growth of chickens: at warming the floor to the 35C temperature at the height of the suspension lamps (2.5m – 3.5m) is 40C – 50C

As a result, the standard bulb E27 with a stated service life of 25,000 hours in harsh conditions poultry can all work 10000-20000 hours, and does not pay for its acquisition costs.


For the system to LED lighting lasts a long time, it is necessary not only to eliminate the lamps to overheat, but also to protect them from the harsh environment. The photo shows that the bird before landing space is almost filled with water, all the equipment to clean the high pressure apparatus. Next, the disinfection of the premises with the use of chemicals. During the rearing of poultry, they can be covered by a layer of dust and fluff. Therefore, LED lighting used on poultry farms should have a degree of protection against dust and water is not less than IP65.

A well-designed system of LED lighting in livestock house can work 15 – 20 years without maintenance and replacement lamps. Acquisition costs of LED lighting over the years will pay off many times, because electricity consumption will be reduced at times, and there will be the need for relamping and maintenance of lamps.