The uniformity of illumination LED lamps in the poultry house

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The uniformity of illumination LED lamps in the poultry house

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High-quality lighting in livestock buildings creates the conditions for a stress-free cultivation. Under the light quality is meant a set of parameters:. The uniformity of illumination, matching levels of illumination standard values, the possibility of brightness slide smoothly on and off lamps uniform distribution of light in the house significantly affects many growing indicators: weight gain, feed conversion, egg production, decomposes and cannibalism.

If chickens kept indoors since the first week of life, it is very important that all the lines were watering and feeding well lit and the chicks can easily find water and food. When it is dark in the early days may adversely affect the further growth indicators:. Conversion and weight gain at the content of parent stock on the floor should not be places with low light or with shadows. The entire space, except the connectors, it is necessary to illuminate brightly and evenly. Otherwise, possible egg laying on the floor in places dimming.

Lighting in the house must necessarily be dimmed. With high brightness of the bird can be aggressive, which will result in pecking and cannibalism. >>>