LED Lamps

LED-lamp for livestock buildings


LED Lighting Series LED-XX-48 designed specifically for use in livestock buildings. They can be used in hostile environments of poultry and pig farms and could be repeatedly washed by high-pressure washers.

LED Downlight LED-XX-48 have the following properties:

Electrical safety: under conditions of high humidity and frequent washing, lamps are supplied with voltage less than 50V DC

Tightness: Case is designed in such way that moisture does not get inside, even when cleaned by high-pressure washers

Reliability: Low-powered LEDs on aluminum boards and aluminum heatsink allows efficient heat dissipation and ensures long life of the lamps

Dimming: All switching of the lighting run smoothly, the brightness is adjustable from 1 % to 100%, which provides a stress-free rearing of poultry

Materials: LEDs of the latest generation of SAMSUNG are used in production, lamp casing is made ​​of optical polycarbonate of BAYER company.


Specifications LED-lamps:

The average light output single of the single LED 50lm
Light color White
Power Lamp (48 ± 0,5) V DC
Operating temperature range -20C to +50C
Humidity Up to 95 %
Temperature of transportation and storage -40C to +50C
Average lifetime Not less than 50000 hours
protection from dust and dirt, at least IP65


Type of lamp Wattage Lamp High luminous efficacy, lm Dimensions, mm, not more Weight, g, not more
LED-05-48-0.4 5 630 400х30х55 200
LED-10-48-0.7 10 1260 700х30х55 300
LED-15-48-1.0 15 1890 1050х30х55 400
LED-20-48-1.4 20 2520 1360х30х55 500
LED-25-48-1.7 25 3150 1700х30х55 600
LED-30-48-2.0 30 3780 2050х30х55 700