Power units

PB Power Source series are used in conjunction with control units LCB-05- LED and LCB-05-LED and converter LCB-06-kit intended for power supply and dimming of LED lamps LEDA int production. there are PB source modifications to the constant voltage 24 V and 48 V.

Structurally PB power supplies represent a wall cabinets, inside of which the mounting panel placed DC power supplies, power switches and terminal boards for external connections. Produced power supplies with different numbers of outputs trosovok to connect fixtures and in different capacities. Power supplies can be PB installed inside the house or in the switchboard. Depending on the installation location choose konstruktivy with IP54 or IP65 protection.

  • the maximum load capacity of 3000 watts
  • the number of outputs on trosovki 1-8
  • Overall dimensions, mm (depending on version) 395h310h220, 500h400h220,
  • 650h500h220, 800h650h250 (height / width / depth)
  • Weight, kg (depending on version) 15, 30, 40, 45
  • resistance to moisture and dust IP54, IP65